Fury MMA Ltd was founded in 2010 by Stephen Doran who soon teamed up with close friend Daniel Movahedi who is now an integral part of the Fury Team. The vision is simple; to showcase high quality MMA and generate further interest in what is often reported to be ‘the fastest growing sport in the world’. We aim to not only enhance an interest in merely spectating but also increase the public understanding of what is going on during the bout. We believe by explaining some of the more intricate moves and less obvious positions the overall viewing experience will be increased.

The fighters are a key element in the show and having the right level and maturity fighters involved is paramount. We hold our athletes in very high regard as without them there is no show and thus we strive to look after our competitors in every way possible, going beyond what they would expect to see from elsewhere. We hope to provide an insight into the life of an MMA fighter and raise appreciation for the hours, days, weeks and months of effort these top level athletes are putting in prior to their bouts, which are often then over in a matter of just minutes.

At the same time as all of this we endeavour to provide top quality entertainment for all of those who attend, this is often achieved with good music, great food, exciting interval shows featuring our beautiful performers and an overall great atmosphere. Our shows are rated by many as one of the most enjoyable MMA shows around and all this whilst maintaining a very personal feel. A show watched and loved by men, women and children. That said we recommend a minimum age of 14 (accompanied by an adult), simply due to the loud music and presence of alcohol at the event.