Stephen Doran

CEO And President

Steve is an experienced and successful businessman who combines his love of one of the nation’s fastest growing sports; mixed martial arts with his entrepreneurial skills. He is the owner of the popular and successful ‘Live Daily’ brand which sees him take an active role in what is to him, a mindset and personal goal. Steve is known for his high profile jet set life style but manages to keep a clear head owning and promoting a variety of events and businesses, Fury MMA fits perfectly in his portfolio, allowing him to enjoy showcasing some of the country’s most talented fighters. 

Dan “The Gentlemen” Movahedi

CEO and Vice President.

Dan is one of the two main faces of Fury. He has been on the scene from the beginning and provides invaluable knowledge and experience. As a former pro MMA fighter, ‘fighting for pleasure not just for victory’ Dan has an inner understanding of what makes a good fight. Dan is an established MMA coach and a regular writer for internationally renown UnCaged magazine. He is a familiar face in MMA from grassroots to top UK level and an experienced referee regularly taking charge of the cage in shows around the UK and abroad. Dan is the official match maker for Fury and prides himself on bringing fans the high level of energy, entertainment and quality fights Fury is known for.

team members

Danielle Scully


Danielle is in charge of heading up the admin team for Fury MMA and manages the Social media of the organisation. Equipped with a Business Management Degree, Danielle is passionate about martial arts and has trained in street self defence, kickboxing and muay thai in Thailand